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Welcome to the web site of Polish and Slovak Houses at Gorlice, Krynica and Bardejov.

Since 1999 the towns of Gorlice and Krynica have been bound by partnership cooperation agreements with the Slovak town of Bardejov. The cooperation, which has been well functioning in many areas, has born fruits in the form of an idea to prepare a project that would be complementary to the programme of INTERREG IIIA Poland-Slovakia. The project provided for establishment of three resilient centres to initiate transfrontier actions aimed at protection and promotion of common heritage and improvement of the attractiveness of the region. A tool necessary to achieve the aforementioned objectives were supposed to be three Polish and Slovak Houses located at Gorlice, Bardejov and Czyrna near Krynica as well as the actions to be launched together such as contests, exhibitions, workshops, lectures etc.


All the three applications submitted by the local partnership authorities were approved by the Steering Committees of INTERREG programme. The following subsidy agreements under the action 2.2 of the Community Initiative INTERREG IIIA were signed:

- on 10 January 2006 with Bardejov, for the amount of SKK 12.754 million (total project value: SKK 13.414, own contribution of the local authority: SKK 660 thousand)

- on 1 August 2006 with Gorlice, for the amount of PLN 1,462,153.61 (total project value: PLN 1,969,338.14, own contribution of the local authority: PLN 507,184.53)

- on 11 July 2007 with Krynica-Zdrój, for the amount of PLN 602,909.40 (total project value: PLN 881,784.38 own contribution of the local authority: PLN 278,874.98)

This web site is a part of the project executed by the town of Gorlice in cooperation with other twin towns. The site is intended to promote the Polish-Slovak borderland in the worldwide web and to become a platform for the exchange of information and opinions on the issues related to the borderland.

We encourage you to visit our twin towns: Gorlice, Krynice and Bardejov, to visit Polish and Slovak Houses employees of which will be only too glad to answer your questions and help you to collect necessary information while providing any assistance necessary.

Visit our towns and you will certainly not regret it.




XI International Music Presentations Ambient

17 - 18 july in Gorlice.

Without a doubt you will be able to hear and see


The star will be Banco de Gaia”-  


International Music Presentations Ambient 2008

17 - 19 july 2008 n Gorlice.

Without a doubt you will be able to hear and see: „HATI”, „NEMEZIS”, Voice Electronic Duo / M.Dymiter,Z.Esden, LADY AARP.

The star will be „Bobby Bird - Higher Intelligence Agency” for the first time in Poland.


Exhibition in Polish and Slovak House

Exhibition entitled "Grandmother Tomečkov and her the youngest imitators"
Exhibition in  Polish and Slovak House
Central Square  No. 24
active: Monday - Friday from  8:00 till 15.00
 Exhibition runs till  21.12.2007
Jesteś naszym 1 303 133 gościem.
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